Greg Mercer photo

I am an art director, multimedia producer, and illustrator living and working in Boise, ID.

Through my longtime relationship with The Field Museum in Chicago, I've sought to share stories of scientific curiosity, study, and conservation with the public.  I've been fortunate to collaborate with interdisciplinary teams telling science stories in exhibition spaces and have also engaged in narrative documentary work, taking on assignments both locally and internationally. 

My work has evolved, coallescing in the formation of Workshop 108, a multimedia production company partnering with cultural insitutions engaged in a variety of storytelling efforts.  Read a little about our approach to projects and say hello!


My own story begins with what I consider to be my first expedition.  I was just a little guy.  It was organized and led by my parents, both lovers of art, science, history, and the outdoors.  We bungied our gear to the roof of our 1972 Dodge conversion van and set out from Southern California on the 400 mile trek north to our destination in the Sierra Nevada.  This was my first taste of wilderness--being awed and humbled by trees so tall I couldn’t see their tops, exploring the creek running by our tent and navigating further along its uncharted path with each successive year.

The smell of the pine forests was something I always wanted to bottle up so I could access it throughout the year when I needed to escape back to the wilderness.  It’s this idea of tapping back into that energy I felt when I was a kid--when the world was enormous, wild, and beckoning to be explored--that continues to drive me today.

One of the most fortuitous bends in my story’s path brought me to Chicago and to the Field Museum, a place I discovered to be filled with people pursuing the same passions that fueled them when they were eight years old--scientists and artists pushing themselves to explore unfamiliar territory, following their curiosity, and devoting themselves to sharing stories with the public.  It would be my home for over thirteen years, allowing me to hone my craft as a science communicator while weaving myself into the fabric of its community of scientists, artists, and storytellers.

I’m driven to share stories that inspire me, with most of my fodder coming from natural history and those studying and protecting Earth's wild places.  It’s my hope that if I do my job well, I might pass on that feeling of excitement and curiosity to others.  Whether it’s immersive media installations, narrative video work, or illustration, I do my best to push myself as an artist and storyteller.   I've always got an eye out for great collaborations, so please reach out and say hello if you're interested in partnering on a project.