Heat Theater
Multimedia Installation
for The Field Museum's traveling exhibition, "The Machine Inside: Biomechanics."
art direction
Heat Theater in gallery

The Heat Theater situated within its gallery

The Machine Inside: Biomechanics explores how living things work like machines built by evolution, with one gallery focusing on surviving hot and cold conditions.  Its centerpiece is an immersive theater experience that transports visitors to the extreme environments faced by some of nature’s most innovative organisms.  We designed a physical structure to enhance the storytelling, allowing us to feature expansive panoramas we shot specifically for the space along with stock footage and motion graphics appearing in smaller windows.

The details:

  • Art Direction, cinematography, editing:  Greg Mercer
  • Additional cinematography:   Emily Ward, Patrick Kolhagen
  • Script:  Marie Georg
  • 3D Animation:  Simon Watson, Scott Dixon
  • Sound Design:  Josh Beck
  • Narration:  Matt Galante
  • Audio Mix:  Stephen Wilke, Open Sky Sound & Music
  • Architectural Design & Production:  Nivine Tawancy, John Zehren
  • A/V Support:  Pat Davis, John Parr
  • 2015


  • Bronze Muse Award,  American Alliance of Museums, 2015

This behind-the-scenes video sheds light on our creative approach, from the inital concept to theater design and media production.