Rapid Inventory Theater
Multimedia Installation
for The Field Museum’s permanent exhibition, "Restoring Earth"
art direction
Rapid Inventory Theater

Once a year, an interdisciplinary team of conservation scientists drops into an unstudied biological hotspot in the Amazon basin for three weeks, catalogs the community of species there, and then works to officially protect the territory.  Our team’s goal was to illuminate the “Rapid Inventory” process for our museum visitors while immersing them in the Peruvian rainforest in an element that couldn’t be experienced the same way anywhere else.

We complemented beautiful photos and compelling video from past inventories with footage shot specifically for the space.  Equipped with a custom 3-camera rig, I accompanied museum scientists on two trips to the Peruvian Amazon to capture simultaneous action across three surfaces and help share their story with the public.

The details:

  • 3 synchronized 14' x 8' projections, 5.1 surround sound, coordinated lighting program
  • Field Museum production team:  Greg Mercer, Libby Pokel, Alvaro Del Campo, Emily Ward, Sasha Samochina, David Quednau, Erica Rodriguez, Rachel Dlugopolski, Alvaro Amat, John Parr
  • Additional cinematography:  Alvaro Del Campo, Fernando Valdivia, Emily Ward
  • Sound Design:  Stephen Wilke, "Open Sky Productions"
  • Music:  Josh Beck
  • 2011


  • Best Multimedia Installation, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, 2013
  • Silver Muse Award, American Alliance of Museums, 2013

Field Museum Exhibitions staff give a look under the hood at the process behind this immersive multimedia installation.