Skeleton Crew
Short Film
for Field Museum science communication initiative

Accompanying Field Museum scientists on a fossil hunting expedition to Eastern Utah, I sought to tell the story about what drives them to leave the comforts of home in pursuit of greater scientific understanding.  Field work never goes exactly as planned and in several moments, I witnessed the creativity, experience, and teamwork required to overcome obstacles in order to succeed in an unforgiving environment.  

The details:

  • Direction, Cinematography, Edting:  Greg Mercer
  • Music:  Gawain Matthews, Andrew Blair
  • Sound Mixing:  Stephen Wilke, Open Sky Sound & Music
  • Graphic Design:  Jason Nallie
  • 14 minutes
  • 2017
Skeleton Crew Excavating

Akiko Shinya and Jake Meyer excavating the ankylosaur quarry

Skeleton Crew Prospecting

Pete Makovicky prospecting in Utah's San Rafael Swell

Skeleton Crew Field Jacket

A partially-prepared jacket in The Field Museum's fossil preparation lab