The Switch: A Bill Stanley Story
for The Field Museum

Field Museum Director of Collections Bill Stanley called the moment that sparks a love of science “the switch.” He told and retold the story of the moment the switch flipped in his own life. We made this film in hopes that hearing Bill’s story will switch something on for our viewers, whether they're an aspiring scientist or they already have a depth of knowledge to share with others.

Bill’s legacy is one of endless curiosity, a deep love of science, and a respect for the world around us.  Science needs all of our voices, so we honor Bill by encouraging people to seek out their passion, to always ask questions, and to find wonder in the natural world.

The details:

  • Animation and co-direction:  Pat Bradley, Spring Shoe Animation
  • Art direction:  Greg Mercer
  • Co-direction:  Brad Dunn
  • Music:  Christopher Bradley, Cleaver Studios
  • 2016


  • Gold Muse Award, American Alliance of Museums, 2016